If you are a current client and would like to schedule or cancel an appointment, please call the studio at (616)528-0442 or e-mail Also, you may contact your stylist directly if you have their business card. Please be considerate of our 24hr cancellation policy which is in place to ensure our stylists get paid for the time they have reserved for your fill. Please arrive with your lashes freshly cleaned so we can achieve the best retention for you.

If you are a new client booking a new lash set, you can call us directly or book your appointment online using our online scheduler to check availability. A new lash set is approximately 2 hours and the online booker will offer open times for both of our locations. To book a new set we do recquire a credit card as we do have a strict 48hr cancellation policy due to the size of the appointment time.
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If you are a transfer from another lash stylist, please understand that the cost of your initial fill will vary depending on the amount of lashes you arrive with. If the stylist needs extra time due to improper application from the previous stylist or poor retention, there is a possibility you may need to have your original extensions removed and reapplied. In some circumstances you may need to come back for us to take them off and get them back on. We ask that you come in with at least 50% of your lashes in.

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