In all lash fills, extensions will be applied to new growth and lashes that may have shed their extension. Depending on home care and the amount of lashes lost, you may choose to book extra time for the fill.

45 min Fill $ 50
60 min Fill $ 65
75 min Fill $ 80

~If you wait more than 4 weeks to schedule a lash fill, you may need to purchase a new set of lashes~

Flare Lashes – approximately 20 lashes are applied to the middle to outer corner of each eye. This is a stand alone service; you do not need to purchase a full set of lashes to have this service. Flare lashes can not be “filled” and will not lessen the cost of a new lash set. $50

Transfer lashes – If you have just moved here or would just like to change from your current lash stylist, we gladly accept transfer clients. The price varies depending on how your extensions were applied by the previous stylist. Once you transfer, our regular fill prices apply.

Other Aesthetic Services:

Brow wax and shape $15
Brow mapping/tint $40
Brow tint (only) $30
Lash tint $30

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