Full Set of Classic Eyelash Extensions $250– Lashes are applied individually, one by one, to your healthy natural lashes. Coverage is typically 90-100+ lashes per eye, depending on how many natural lashes you have and the look you are wanting to achieve.

Please arrive to this appointment with very clean eyes and not having crimped or curled your natural lashes withing 48hours. If you wear waterproof mascara, you must stop at least 5 days prior to getting extensions and be sure it has been thoroughly removed prior to coming in. Waterproof makeup can leave a residue on your eyes that could cause premature extension fall-out. 

Lash Fill-ins

In all lash fills, extensions are applied to new natural lash growth, as well as extensions that have shed prematurely and overgrown extensions are removed/replaced.

1 or 2 week fill $50

3 week fill $65

4 week fill $80

**After 4 weeks without a fill, you may be required to purchase a new set.

Volume lashes must be requested prior to the appointment as some stylists do not offer them. Prices vary.

Elleebana Lash Lift

A lash lift is basically a perm for lashes but not with a dramatic curl shape. Instead, a silicone shield is placed on the lash line and a solution at the base of the lashes to curl the bases upward, much like a lash curler would do. You can choose to then have your lashes tinted or not.

Lash Lift $65

Lift with Tint $85

Lash Tint $30

Brow Tint $30

Brow wax $15

Lip wax $15

Eyebrow Microblading $500.

Is a type of artistic brow tattooing where the cosmetic pigment is applied into skin which has been etched with bladed strokes that simulate actual hair strokes. The tool is manual and has several super fine micro-needles side by side. The artist measures the clients facial symmetry to apply brows that fit the look of the individual. A second appointment is required approximately 4-6 wks later in order to complete the final look.

Microshading is available for an upcharge upon request for those who seek a bolder brow or more of an ombre style.

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